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Best games for daycare

1. Beanbag Toss: A classic game for daycare centers, Beanbag Toss is a great way to get kids to move around and have fun.

2. Freeze Dance: Put on some kid-friendly tunes, and let the kids dance until the music stops. The last one still dancing is the winner!

3. Simon Says: A classic game, Simon Says is a great way to get kids to listen and follow directions.

4. Hot Potato: Put a beanbag or soft ball in the middle of the circle, and have kids pass it around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person with the potato is out.

5. Duck Duck Goose: A classic game of tag, Duck Duck Goose is great for getting kids up and moving.

6. Musical Chairs: Put out chairs for the kids to sit in, and have them walk around the chairs in a circle while the music plays. When the music stops, everyone sits in the nearest chair. The person left standing is out.

7. Balloon Volleyball: Divide the group in two teams and give each team a balloon. Have the kids hit the balloon back and forth over a low net.


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