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First Day of Daycare, What Should the Parents Do

The first day of daycare can be an emotional experience for parents and children. Here are some tips to help parents navigate this transition smoothly:

  1. Prepare in Advance: Talk to your child about what to expect on their first day of daycare. You can read books about daycare or role-play with stuffed animals to familiarize them with the idea.

  2. Visit the Daycare: If possible, visit the daycare with your child before their first day. This can help them become familiar with the environment and meet their caregivers in advance.

  3. Establish a Routine: Establish a morning routine a few days before the first day of daycare. This can help make the transition smoother on the actual day.

  4. Pack Comfort Items: Include a familiar comfort item in your child's bag, such as a favorite toy or blanket. Having something familiar can provide comfort and security during their first day.

  5. Arrive Early: Arrive at the daycare a little early on the first day to give your child time to acclimate to the new environment. Use this time to meet the caregivers and ask any last-minute questions.

  6. Stay Positive: Children can pick up on their parent's emotions, so try to stay positive and upbeat about the daycare experience. Reassure your child that you'll be back to pick them up later.

  7. Say Goodbye Briefly: When it's time to leave, keep your goodbye short and sweet. Reassure your child that you'll be back soon, and give them a hug and a kiss before you go.

  8. Keep Communication Open: Communicate with the daycare throughout the day. Many daycares provide updates and photos throughout the day, which can help ease any worries.

  9. Take Care of Yourself: It is natural to feel emotional about leaving your child at daycare for the first time. Take care of yourself and permit yourself to feel whatever emotions come up.

  10. Celebrate Milestones: Celebrate this milestone with your child. Take photos on their first day of daycare and talk to them about all the new friends they'll make and the fun activities they'll do.

By following these tips, parents can help make the first day of daycare a positive and memorable experience for themselves and their children.


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