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Learning and Education
  • Every week the children are introduced to new letters, numbers, colors, shapes, songs, dancing, patterns, logic, etc.

  • There is a variety of play materials available for children to learn reading, arts & crafts, painting, etc.

  • We are a trilingual program with children learning English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

  • There is a large outdoor playground for children to explore.

  • They also learn basic manners (e.g. please, thank you's, appropriate table etiquette, etc).

  • They learn basic cleanliness and hygiene e.g. how to wash their hands, how to use the potty. The staff collaborates with and supports the parents on potty training.

  • We do a variety of holiday/seasonal crafts to help the children be educated and be accepting of other cultures.

  • On specific holidays, Angel Christian Daycare puts on special events for the children e.g. costume/dress-up for Halloween, egg hunt for Easter, and even a visit from "Santa" on Christmas!

Daycare Crafts
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